18 . nina . taken . recovering anorexic and self-harmer . 1 YEAR 2 MONTHS WITHOUT BEHAVIORS . you matter . stay beautiful . i love you . my ask is always open .


These are pictures of different dried human tears. Grief, laughter, onion and change. Each type has a different chemical makeup which makes them appear different.

relatable gifs and quotes


what others call a rebellious phase I call the sudden realization I don’t deserve to be treated like garabge


in case you needed reminding
"Sometimes, I sit alone under the stars
and think of the galaxies inside my
heart, and truly wonder if anyone will
ever want to make sense of all that
I am."

Christopher Poindexter (via psych-facts)

He does

"The numbers start
getting smaller on
the scale but so does
the number of friends
you have and the number
of years you are going to
live and the number of smiles
you will have and the number
of dogs you are going to pet
and the number of songs
you are going to listen to
and the number of books
you are going to read and
the number of people you
are going to meet and the
number of times you are going
to be able to draw and the
number of times you are actually
going to feel like you are alive."

Recovery is most important. (via dollpoetry)

Loved this. If you are struggling, there are people you can talk to and so many people who can help you up and out and who want to.

Here are a few:

(via hermionejg)


"Be with someone who ruins your lipstick - not your mascara"(via verblasstefarbe)


if puppies could talk i would never even want to try and make human friends ever again


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