18 . nina . single . recovering anorexic and self-harmer . 1 YEAR 2 MONTHS WITHOUT BEHAVIORS . you matter . stay beautiful . i love you . my ask is always open .


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Friendly reminder to everyone struggling with an eating disorder that recovery is possible and the other side is beautiful.

It’s hard, it’s dirty and it sucks some days, but nothing about recovery sucks as much as being in the trenches of an eating disorder. 

Food for thought.


Like, literally.

You need food, for thought.

For concentration.

And knowledge.

For brain function.

And life.

Eat, think, live.

Written by @reconstructionpursuit


I wrote this… wanted to share… please share, too :)
So you wanna know what happens when you gain weight?

Health gain.
Brain/ cognitive functioning gain
Happiness gain.
Joy and bliss gain.
Organ gain
Organ-strength-and-efficiency-and-insulation gain
Emotional stability…

"I can’t wait to see you tomorrow."you sent me this and i started to fucking cry because nobody has ever told me that before.  (via warpedtoursmoshpit)
"I wish you could see how amazing you are. You think you’re fat and worthless, but you’re so gorgeous. You do not need to lose one pound. I wish you could see that you’re worth recovery. Honestly. You’re so amazing, yet you see yourself as pathetic. And that kills me."texts I never sent // k.e.b. (via iwritepoemsnottragedies)


life is hard. being a human is hard. holy shit, mustering the energy to physically and mentally remove yourself from your bed each and every morning is hard. i salute all of you humans out there trying your best. this thing we call being alive is not for the faint of heart.

"In losing you, I found myself."My Six Word Story (via the-grace-of-southern-charm)
"You are worth more then the people who weren’t there for you"You left me for my sadness (via weakflowers)

I like clingy. Be clingy.


Daily reminder: I am a warrior and having a mental illness does not make me weak or less of a person.

"The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time."TheDailyPositive.com (via thedailypozitive)